a new team member?

Hi Guys,

Ok with the current version I think I’m mostly done with solo game, but still enjoy playing with a few mates when they are online etc.

I play most evenings, UK time from 6pm-1am, give or take life turning up!

I have over 200 hrs Rust time, love the more vanilla game (although 1/2craft and durability is always nice), despise teleporting and eco servers.

Im not so good PVP currently with the military weapons etc but I do work well in a team, I love raiding, and am happy resourcing. I’m told I’m fun to play with.

My aim is to join a small team of say3-6, play a decent server, for a decent amount of time and then go from there.

Anyone want me?

Im playing tonight!

u could maybe join me and my friends steam: LudvixNOR

still looking good people and I have found a very nice server, wiped yesterday and real fun.

im looking for a team to join also please add me anyone daftskunk