A New Threat. - A triumphant return.


So I’ve been with Gmod since 9.1.4., and decided to give it another go about.

I used to do scene builds back in the day, maybe you’ll remember me as MagnuM_KilleR, more than likely not.

I’ve made sure that this first pose/scene build is higher quality, as I left with rather low standards, I’ll only be releasing higher quality shots from now on.

There is no post processing or editing. I’ve never been good with that kind of stuff, and never intend on being so. If you wanted editing, I know there are GIMP and Photoshop gods running about, they have what you want.

This is all made in GM_Construct:

As seen here:

Close up of the poses.

More angles

No particle effects - For any editors.

When you take pictures with the camera ( the 6 button ) hold right click and zoom in to avoid a fish-eye effect.

Try using the super depth-of-field tool when taking your screenshots, you’ll find that it’s one of the most vastly improved tools since 9.0.4.

why do you need to take close-ups of the poses?

if one angle doesn’t show everything you want to show then you’re doing it wrong