A "new to Garrysmod" sub-forum?

Hey, i’m just looking over this forum and no dis-respect to the lot of you but i’ve had enough of people spamming the base garrysmod discussion thread with things like:

“How do i use ball socket?”
“Where do i get garrysmod?”
“How much is garrysmod?”
“My Mum won’t buy me garrysmod :(”

So lets just have a sub-forum to sort the beginners threads from the actual general discussion that way hopefully people will know where to go to find help with basic and “noobish” things as there would be a list of threads from new garrysmod users with most likely very common questions which they can learn from.


By no means picking anyone out here but here are some examples to back-up my argument.


(These threads were all found in the base forum for garrysmod discussion.)

Give your feedback on the idea.

Yeah you didn’t really need to make another thread just so you could include a poll.

You know there is a help section for questions.

No. Usually the “dumb” people just post in help & support.

Why not keep help and support for true matters like people who are getting BSOD’s and do not know what the hell they are or someone with a addon problem and CoolCorky… i didn’t realise that polling is enabled for us now so i’d rather have direct info of what people think.

And as i said above Hakita, your not dumb to post in the help and support but there really should be a area for new people, whats the harm?

Because what most people need is Help with downloading/installing addons and Support in terms of getting used to the game.

Ive heard of double posting, not double threading tho…

Nice to see a rather decisive poll.


As i have said, i was not aware that polls have been enabled.

Yeah it’s a good idea but they still won’t post in the right sections.

Moderators can move posts there. And we could inform the thread poster that their posting in the wrong section.

Looks like alot more people like the idea than not.

I think its a good idea :slight_smile:


Bumping this to get more peoples opinions.

Ok lets go around this.
Last time i checked, 168,924 people had bought gmod from steam.
I have not met (this month) anyone who hasn’t got wire.
About two 8 year olds I met didn’t know how to use wire.
In account, the 545 people on my server (minus the minges) have a valid understanding of wire, and therefor know how to play the game.
If each and every one of you knows how to play gmod. Why start up a New to Gmod section…?
For 8 year olds to ask what welding is?

I would rather it be in a subforum than in the General Gmod Discussion.

Yes exactly what you said. FOR 8 year olds or “noobs” or whatever you want to call them or anyone else who’s new to garrysod and has a bit of confusion with it, cause your not gonna stop them posting but we can brush them aside into a sub-forum so only the people who want to answer them will see them.

I am quite pleased of the response in the poll that we’re getting.


Keep voting!

The yes answer is winning with just over 3 times the votes of the No answer.

Keep voting!

isnt this is what garrysmod.com is for?