A "new to Garrysmod" sub-forum?

No, that’s for downloading content.

No thats Garrysmod.org


Garrysmod**.COM** Is for latest news, contests and links to the Garrysmod wiki and the sourge to Garrysmod in general.

The idea still seems to be on good ground, liking it.

keep liking your own idea

I will :biggrin:
And i’m sure based apon the poll, alot of others do to.

Yeah but it’s funny how this poll won’t change anything

No, but i like to see that the idea has a possitive response, maybe if enough votes are casted and the outcome is possitive then maybe it’ll be looked at by a moderator.


That’s what we have a Help & Support forum for

But what this could do is make like a library of common issues that people have who are rather new to Garrysmod for other new people to find help with. This is sounding rather more web based than forum based now though.

Ok im begining to get the idea of a sub forum in the actual help and support forum now.

If would help since it would keep the (dumb for advanced users) stuff out

I may also put up a poll for a spelling support forum. /joke

Jesus stop posting goldstrum.

…its not harming you…is it?, think not so as i havn’t said anything wrong then stop being a troll.

Both of you shut the hell up.

We get enough dumbness with every repeat of “What’s the first thing you did in Garry’s Mod”, etc WITHOUT the fighting.

Not fighting, but he is being a troll, no offense.

i honestly would enjoy to see this, it would help me out alot knowing i play gmod but i do not really know to experiment with tools and wire mod wise but if there was a forum when people could post random tuts and how to it would great and very helpful.

Exactly the sort of thing i was thinking of :biggrin:

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