A new type of Danger and why we need it.

A new type of Danger and why we need it.

Look at the following picture of a Forest in Rust,

Now imagine you’re about to approach it, you’re not about to visit grandma wearing your Red Hood and carrying a picnic basket, you do your usual danger check, which involves generally looking at the ground for traps, wolves, bears and as well as other players these all exist parallel to the horizon, not one of you thought to look up into the trees which is why i think we need a new type of Danger, an Aerial Danger.

Here in Australia we have 90% of the worlds most dangerous animals, most of us are descended from criminals and Norse/Germanic warriors, yet rarely, some like myself, just suddenly burst into existence from an explosion of divine awesomenessness, no glitter is involved.

Some of us were wearing Rust type armor long before Rust came into existence,(Ned Kelly and Kelly Gang), So that left over 10% is us.

One of our most significant dangers is the Drop Bear, the vicious Koala, who technically is not a bear or a huggable Care Bear with a penis like Frank Walls Hello Kitty loving horny Care Bear. This bastard tree hugging stoner drops from the trees to devour your face and give you a free facial.

Here in the following pic is a fatty tourist being devoured by a vicious drop bear. She didn’t stand a chance, she wasn’t Australian.

The following art work is an artists painting of a Drop Bear in greater detail. You can see the viscious nature of the Koala and that it there is nothing huggable about it.

The next picture is a scientific concept of a mutated Drop Bear that has been subjected to Radiation. These would be suitable for Rad Zones situated in the forest areas.

Due to the savage nature of these creatures the government has issued the following warning leaflets and signs. The Signs could also be used by players to warn others of the dangerous Drop Bears within a forest in Rust.

So there you have it a New conceptual danger based on the Australian Drop Bear aka the Koala. A danger that comes from above not below like normal. This will add to the fear and sense of danger because now you will also have to look up if you want to live not just straight ahead.

While we’re at it we may as well add Kangaroos and Crocodiles, The roo’s would be good to replace the deer and a challenge to hunt, mutated kangaroos would be great to box against and to capture for a mount to ride, and the croc’s would be a good danger on the beach. Just imagine you’re crouched down getting water at a river bank, the birds are singing, all is peaceful, you give into the lull of the sounds and relax a little, then suddenly water explodes everywhere, and a croc comes bursting out of the water, jaws open, heading right your way, its jaws lock tight on your head and it proceeds to drag you into the water. There is nothing you can do. You’re dead.

Dafuq o.o

… still think we need a badass Honey Badger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

“Honey Badger doesn’t care. Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit. Honey Badger just takes what it wants!”


I went to Australia, I held a koala for a picture- the biggest danger? The smell. I couldn’t believe how bad it smelled, straight eucalyptus and shit mixed together like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. It took the jacket I was wearing months and multiple washes to finally stop smelling like that thing. All this koala did was eat and shit, literally shitting and sleeping as they put him on me. Zoo people had to smack him in the head to get him to open his eyes and force his face towards the camera. Eat eucalyptus, sleep, shit, and smell exceptionally bad. I lost all respect for the Koala, they aren’t so cute anymore.

Would be a fun game element. Some people who reads metro (2033) can imagine what rust could be. Concentrating on “every kind of place consists something scary, unimaginable, and unexpected shit”. Now that a game I would like to play, a game where I really feel that I am the badass stalker who has to watch every step.

Bears! Come give daddy a Hug!

Fucking drop bears - I have had my fair share of close calls with these things (as have we all here in Aus no doubt). If they make it into Rust twould be a true horror survival game, for sure…Shudder


Look at that savage thing, clearly someone ate his eucalyptus

i lost half my family last year to drop bear raids.

You know, I was reading some stats that said Drop Bear attacks had recently surpassed Croc AND Funnelweb attacks combined last year so they are on the rise again. Concerning to say the least…

thats not really terrifying

Everybody is all about raising wolves, but… Maybe we should be raising these things? Imagine entering a house and seeing these nasty mother fuckers skittering across the floors towards you.

Hell yeah a whole pack of em, about 50, crawling from everywhere, fast as fuck headed right at you.

Just last year my family was driving down a outback road only to have a flat tire we hopped out of the car to see if we could repair it somehow to no luck so we were stuck no radio no phone reception we were forced into the woods to hunt for food after 2 days. I was the only one that made it back from the trip my farther my mother my brother were all eaten by drop eaters tore their bodies right open left nothing but bones and cartilage.

That’s unfortunate, we should probably start a Support Group for those who have suffered at the hands of these vicious creatures

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You should join the Support Group

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Good reason to be anti-social and stay home indoors. Even going outside to hang out the washing is a nerve racking experience.

Count me in I agree GrymThor I sweat my tits off when I go outside shacking in my boots wondering if this is the last time I will ever go outside.

start by going outside in large groups and armed to the teeth with armor on protecting your neck as that is the main area of attack.

also, carry a sealed tin of eucalyptus leaves. make sure that sucker is sealed though, or it’ll act like bait.

Okay, I am getting the feeling some of you are not taking Drop Bears or this thread seriously!

You’re kidding me right ? I lost my family to them and you think I’m joking wow I’ve lost all respect towards you.

In all seriousness the sad thing is I don’t think this would be a bad addition to the game lol actually rather hilarious and fun.