A new use for paper.

As all of you know paper has no use anymore but i have a idea. As some of you know you can now research the research kits and they are crafted with 20 leather and 20 low quality metal. What if the new recipe for research kits was 50 paper and 20 low quality metal i think it would be a nice change and bring back its use.

At least with Leather you either have to hunt bears or spend time converting cloth into leather at a furnace. Once researched, paper is actually quite easy to get as its only 10 wood. Even 50 paper could be gotten pretty easily.

Its not about how easy it is to get it but more about how risky. Most times you go to a red town and die by rads or get gunned down so its harder to get then leather. But i know where your going with this but I know for a fact that they are changing the research system to only have a chance to research your item or so it says on the trello.

I would like to use the paper to write letters in-game, for your friends, for you enemies, clues about a loot, lots of posibilities.

I want to write some notes and put them into a small stash and leave in front of some doors…

I wonder if someone would make a plugin for something like that?

How about used as the casing for handmade shells?

I have wondered why paper hasn’t been a component of shotgun shells or home-made shells or even as the wrapping for explosive packages.

Now that you bring that up thats a really good point because shotgun “shells” used to be wrapped in paper.

I want to use the paper to wipe my ass and roll up some joints.

And do what, smoke that? Damn, you mad.

Fuck yes, I’ll use the same sheet of paper, even.

Paper + Charcoal = Maps or notes IMO

Paper is master race so much to do so much to see