A New Visitor at a Russian Summer House


this is pleasant

“get away, cyka!”

But on a serious note, this is great.

I adore this. You’ve proven your knowledge in art theories recently and it shows in this picture; color choices, composition, the lines of the wooden path merging parallel to the caravan… Your usage and blending of foliage is superb, tons of detail put in, and a story unfolds.

An absolute jaw drop.

E: Fuck you never cease to inspire me.

oh my god. this is beautiful!
how did u make this amazing stuff?

i refuse to believe this was made in the source engine


damn, this looks more like a painting, simply beautifal

What the fuck?

Seriously, this is one of the best garry’s mod pictures i’ve ever seen.

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You’re killing me.

this is crazy good, you’re goddamn master

This is goddamn awesomeness, i can’t describe with words how beatiful this is.

Very warm feeling and setting. I like it.

Whoa, beyond the best work. Crazy Knife always makes excellent works.