A New World Order / First complete/W.I.P truck

Hello fellow creator’s, if you are taking the time to read this then please take time to scroll down and look at my first completed GMOD truck. This is still a work in progress a long with a few other trucks I have been messing around with…
Leave a comment with what could be better and what does not seem right so I can fix it for my next project.




If anybody knows a way to make a E2 Suspension with steering that can be adjusted please let me know where to get it. I am very sick of making suspensions from MrWhite’s Tutorials on youtube. They are to unstable for me and E2 is like the future of gmod.

Thank you, if you need to contact me or would like to build with me add me on steam. Welth209

Wrong section, go to Garrysmod Discussion. That’s where contraptions have to be posted nowadays due to Garry removing the Contraptions forum.