a newb need help xD (kinda important)


I own a server called crystal gaming. but i gotta say im the newbin gmod, xD the server itself turns out good as i got my own dev team doing the modding and such. so pretty mutch im just the guy with the money that hosts it, anyways.
yesterday one of my dev was doing something and his internet failed so something wrong happend. he was going to fix it today but hes currently offline and i would nlike this to be fixed myself. so i need some help with how i do this.

the problem:
before the owner rank got messed up i had access to everythign as normal…

but after it got messed up im no longer able to do the concole command: ulx adduser (name) (rank) (same for ulx removeuser (name) )

i am able to use the Fadmin. but the thing is i prefere doing everything by text in concole since im so much faster with text than im with my mouse and i like everything be done fast as possiblie…

so i wonder. how do i fix it so i can use the ulx adduser and ulx removeuser again…

is there anyone who knows how to fix this???


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and also theres one other problem too.
i recently reinstalled entire pc with new OS

wich resulted that when i type !motd (i have RX2_DarkRP_F4Menu_fpr_2_5_0 and modernMOTD)
the skin on top bar is missing (black and purple dotting)

and also votes on the screen are missing texture. so i wonder where do i get theese textures??

The pink and black textures means that you do not have the correct textures, check what custom materials the addon uses and make sure clients get sent them.

As for the ULX stuff, check the ‘owner’ group permissions, see if they have access to the command you talked about.

if u read what i wrote carefulyl u see i know the one about missing textures.

and same for the permissions for what i wonder about…

thebthing is i dont know where to look. and what to look for. so i need everything specified. i dont know a shit how it works xD i only know how to be admin in game and use the admin commands. but not how to fix broken ranks.


(im just the bguy with the money that pays the server as i said earlier)

To see your permissions go into your ULX by typing !menu or whatever you use to open it, then click the Groups tab. In there select the group from the drop down tab, then click Manage Permissions at the very bottom of the ULX menu then click Cmds - User Management under there you should see all the permissions that you do or don’t have.

I’m not trying to be rude, but if you “don’t know a shit”, you shouldn’t be hosting a server. At least have a friend who can help you with issues, and if he can’t resolve your problems, let HIM post here on Facepunch. We can’t help you if you aren’t able to speak ‘proper’ English or use no capitals at all (even though it seems you know where the shift key is on your keyboard, ‘xD’).

To fix your missing texture issue:
If you have a server that you host through a GSP (Game Server Provider), you are most likely able to find a button in their control panel which allows you to update your FastDL. Once you did this, you are able to download the files that are used by these addons you are talking about. However, this requires the addon to have a line of code such as “resource.AddFile(“link/to/the/texture.vtf”)”, otherwise your client won’t know that it has to be downloaded.

To fix the missing texture on DarkRP vote menus (and also the F2 menu), download this file (right click, “Save link as…”), and place it in your garrysmod/materials/darkrp/ folder.

To fix your ULX issue, same here, if you host through a GSP, add yourself to owner using the server’s console. Every decent GSP offers this, if yours doesn’t, find a better one.
Run “ulx adduser <name> owner” in the server’s console (so not your own console) and you’ll get your usergroup back.

Your’e saying that you dont mean to be rude, but haha well you do the exact oposite.
I am fully capable to do Capitals and full sentences even tho im from a non english speaking country, but i am currently at work, so i write a lot of shortened senteces to be fast such as: “u”, “r” “y”

Wether i choose to write shortends is up to me. Most peoples theese days understand them, and if theres anyone who dont, they would simply just ask.
So theres no need for being rude and arrogant.
and PS: read what i asked for. You answered some of it, but again peoples keep answering on stuff i actually know, wich you would know if you was reading what i wrote carefully.
And wether i choose to host a server or not for my friends are none of your business.
And also. I HAVE my rank. It is the one command i dont have. Wich jewno answered on. READ before replying plz.

And for you jewno. Thanks for your help. You are the kind of peopples i like. That writes an helping answere and dont complain on someones english. Thanks m8

Do you have CSS installed, that has a lot of textures and models that Garry’s mod uses.

Good luck at Facepunch. People here give you free support, without any cost. At least take the effort to make your post readable, so no, you can not decide whatever you want. If you are going to write posts like this and use titles like you do (which is actually against the rules, a non descriptibe title), you most likely end up getting banned.

You can tell me I’m rude, you can tell me I’m arrogant on my profile, but if you would read properly, you could see I tried to help you with your problem after criticising your post. If you want people to read properly, write properly. English isn’t my main language either, neither of my parents speak it properly. My grammar may not always be right, at least I put effort in trying to make it readable.

If you want to host your server, no one is stopping you, but don’t expect us to solve your problems while you openly admit you don’t know shit. Your words. We are here to help, not do the things you don’t bother learning.

Have a good day.

You’re just lucky you caught me on a good day lol. If you understand where we’re coming from, we’re happy to help but there are threads after threads being made everyday all with the same kind of things that can be found on google. Most of the new people starting servers don’t know what they’re doing so they shouldn’t be running a server yet.

Cyber. i never expected you to help me. i simply just asked friendly if SOMEONE could.

im not a demanding person, and then you begin with writing hostile and making critism on something that is TOTALLY off topic. i belived that being such off topic would also be illegal hmm??? personally what i think you should have done is sending me an pm if u want to critize,

and really what you are critizing is a minimal thing. really…

wonder why the other peoples that did comment actually understood what i wrote.

seriously. you dont have to critize every single thing here in the world.

and yes. i saw u treiedn to help me. (i made a comment ont hat in my post)

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i understand but actually i tried to google it. but i never found the answere. so i thought well maby taking the effort posting here could help?

and to be honest. as cyber said. that hes taking the “effort” trying to help. well thats not really an effort.

Ive been working in ITavisen.no (this is a forum for IT service) (worked there before they shutted down the support site) and when peoples typed like me because they were in hurry, really we never complained at that. we just tried to do our best because helping peoples with stuff WE KNOW is not an effort. it becomes an effort the time you need to start looking up stuff urself…

so seriously cyber… in future plesase try to be less hostile. (i dont deman, it was a friendly request)

Did you even look at his post?

Did you maybe try a different search phrase?

Welcome to Facepunch.

If you are in a hurry you are not able to fix the server, so why bother posting a thread that lacks any kind of grammar or capitals, and a thread title that literally says nothing about your issue.

You may say “I was at work”, I have no clue what you call work, but I doubt anyone who types like this is capable of “working at a support site”. If you can’t be bothered to type proper English, don’t post om am English site, or let someone translate it for you.

You asked for “someone” to help you, and that someone was me. But instead I get told “I am not asking to get useless answers, read my post properly”. Here in the western world, where Norway also belongs to, it is a standard that the author writes so the reader can understand them. Not the other way around;

I don’t understand half the words you type so I just assume it says what zi think it says. “Shortends”, “treiedn”; I mean, what is that last one even supposed to mean if you read it out of context?

Do yourself a favor, take this as a loss, you will have a hard time on Facepunch with your attitude, spelling and lack of knowledge of the rules.

my attetude? HAH, well well, i got a couple topics at facepunch now. and so far it seems that only you have “problems” with this. and everybody does typos. Most likely you had a lot of typos yourself. and sriously … if u dont understand what im saying… u rly gotta pull urself together and “try” to understand. every single word i write (exept when its typos) are easy to understand by even peoples that barely know the word “yes” mean… so eh… stop being such a pessemist.

if u just cant stop being like this. then i will not ever have a comment by you “trying” to help me on further topics.

im sure there exist many other peoples here that can help me and that has a “human” attetude and not an A4 perfectionist.
(wich has been prooven since i got a lot of friendly peopels helping me with other issues already)

Why don’t you close the thread and just quit replying to me? Nothing useful is going to be said here anymore. I still have no clue what you posted above here as I am not going to decrypt your post. Making “typos” isn’t a problem, but every word you type is a typo, at least, 90% of them.

Click the “solved” button and I can’t post here anymore, case closed.

anyways ur really anoying. stay away from my topics plz. i dont need or want help from you.

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PS what u told me to do. didnt work. so yeh my problem is still not solved. and dont reply here. find someone else to bug.

You can’t tell someone where to post and not post; that’s a mod’s job. Secondly, the owner rank is pointless since by default, super admins have all permissions (IsSuperAdmin()).

the owner rank is not pointless as the superadmin ran has been set to less permission. even i am not that stupid.