A Nice Medieval Battleax

Anyone know of an individual model or a pack with a good medieval battleax? I’d prefer doublebladed, but single is fine as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

So as not to get banned


Working on one:


Next time provide a reference. All Requests need a reference picture, even if everyone already knows what it is. Failiure to do so usually results in getting banned.

What? A ban? REALLY?!

I didnt want a whole new model made, I wanted to know if one was already made…


Don’t worry…it’d only be a 1 day ban…if you look at most of the people on this site they get banned all the time.

Huh, weird.

So is there some other place I can request a model that might already be made?

Here mate, If we knew about an already existing model we would have already directed you there ^^
There are a couple of medieval weapon packs on Gmod.org but I think none has a double axe… Hey Fremen, are you gonna release that? (I know I always ask this but you never answer :P)

I’ve ported some Chaos UT weapons which are medieval looking, but I haven’t got round to releasing them yet (as they aren’t done), but the axe is nowhere near as ornate as that one.

It doesnt have to be anything special or ornate.

I just need a battleax to replace the Pyro’s axe.

Do you have it decompilied? As I could rig that double sided axe up if you like ^^ (If you provide me with the QC and decompiled SMDs as i’ve not got TF2 models to decompile before)

Just finished up this bad boy:


Lol wow sorry I ust seem to be making a bad situation worse here.

No I didn’t mean replace it as in replace it completely, I’m just working on a Medieval TF2 team, and I wanted a Battleax for the Pyro. Not necessarily replacing the fireax mode, but just one for him to use.


Oh wow that’d be perfect…,

ok :slight_smile: less work for me (Though I think I probberly will rig the mace as i’ve been asked to but not for TF2^^)

Thanks anyway man, I appreciate it.

I’ll probably wait til Freman’s axe is done. Hopefully he’ll let me use it :smiley:


Nice one. :smiley:

I’m actually thinking about working a double-sided axe, too. I WILL OUTDO YOU, THIS I SWEAR! lol.