A nice Sunday drive, I guess...

I thought of two “backstories” for this shot, but I can’t decide which is funnier.
A) Zelda has to drive Link everywhere because he’s never gotten a driver’s license
or B) Zelda wants to drive, but she’s a stereotypical Sunday driver like Leslie Nielsen’s character from Naked Gun, or something

So Link and Zelda stopped by for some PlayBunny magazines? :v:

Posings a bit off and you gotta work on the angles.

I’ll admit it’s rushed. This is actually the first time I posed a character inside a car, and to speed up the process I used Zelda’s playermodel to get in the driver’s seat. For getting Link in the car I just sat him on a wood plank, nocollided both with the car, welded Link’s body to the plank and the plank to the car.

But if it’s rushed… Why bother uploading? Please, only upload stuff that is worth uploading, and is in the best quality you can make.