A night at the club

Entirely necessary thread music for your viewing pleasure (skip to 0:26):



A very quick edit, one of my quickest, because I really wasn’t sure what to edit (and was too lazy to be isolating all of the characters).

I still feel it’s worth posting though because the posing alone took about fifty minutes, so please comment.

behind him looks a bit empty and the hands don’t look very well posed

I don’t think many people wear suits to a rave/party. That just bugs me about the picture.

I was working on a pose like this :saddowns:

anywho, nice work.

Maisonette 9?
The top of his right shoulder annoyed me, otherwise good.

I prefer Hercules :smug:


rate me optimistic.

black suit and tie club? hehe

i love the lighting.


Posing is pretty good on the people around him but like another person said, shoulder bugs me.
Like the song.
It’s a black-tie rave.

It kinda reminded me of the rave scene in Spaced: Episode six.

Chesty, I just haven’t liked these last couple pictures you’ve come out with. The ideas seem bland and it just doesn’t feel like you’re trying.

Oh God, the hypocrisy :byodood:

I know, I thought I added ironic coming from me but I guess I forgot.

You know why? because he’s trying to save the forum from falling into total shit, but it seems that we can’t notice it.

If only there was a map with the dance floor from Maisonette 9 or Bahama Mama’s.


I happen to like the picture, but I think there should be more strobe-lights. Also great music as well :smiley:

What are you talking about?

The editing sucks on this, I know it does - I barely edited at all.


This is the first time I’ve done anything even fucking remotely original and now it’s “bland”!? What. The. Fuck. That doesn’t make the tiniest amount of sense. I make an explorer climbing a cliff, that has never been done before. I make a club scene, how often do you ever see that? Like once a year or something? Bland. Hows is that bland?

Fuck this forum, I’ll just go back to posing MW2 guys shooting off-screen at the heads of retarded users and then you’ll all lap it up like “omg omg chesteh nice screenshot bro really original idea I love it”.

I’m not trying?

Did you even read the thread? I spent an hour just doing the posing alone. Fuck do I have to spend an hour doing the posing and then six hours isolating every character and doing my usual shading, despite the fact it’s so dark nobody would even bloody notice? Or should I spend a couple of hours texturing every character so they don’t look like shit, like I have done many times before, only for no one to notice? Why bother.

Anyone who rates Chesty dumb is a hypocrite. :frown:

This idea is original and brilliant my friend.

I can’t see how you find these BLAND
And if you rate the picture by it’s edit and not the posing, you’ve entered the wrong door.

Only thing I don’t like is the shoulders on some of the models. But I know that’s not your fault. We really need new citizen models. The posing looks really good as always, Chesty.
The editing is nice and simple.
Have a messy piece of wood.

Chesty, you’re taking it the wrong way. I like the fact that your branching out from the MW2 posing and shooting offscreen, the cliff picture wasn’t bad either, I just don’t like this one. Maybe it’s all the hands in the middle of the air, it just doesn’t feel right. And for the record I did a club scene already. And when I say you’re not trying, I’m not talking about you’re posing. It looks fine and dandy. I just wish you would change your ideas a bit. I actually like this picture more than the generic soldier standing around or soldier shooting because it doesn’t need editing.


Perhaps bland was a different word then I should have used. It isn’t a bland idea to everyone, it’s a bland idea to me I guess I should say. I just think Chesty could have done something a bit more original, maybe thrown in some humor? And I rate based on the idea, then posing, then editing.


Or you know…they don’t like the picture. I haven’t rated yet, but just because he posed that many ragdolls, I’ll give him an art.