A Night in Stolid Vegas




Thx ben-wolfe for the title

right click and view image for full size

o yea i forgot fingerposing but i didn’t want to load gmod back up because it takes forever to load

Last one=awesomeness

i like that one too

Your secrets.

Tell me.

bind l screenshot

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Funky colors.

Really nice colors,
especially on the last one.

Was hoping this had to do with Bloody Good Time, was met with generic-ness. I am dissapoint.

Oh now this is hot.


i like colors so i tried to put in as many lights in the picture as i could

Also the background is more Tokyo then Vegas.

yeah but vegas sounded cooler

i already know the map is based in tokyo

The lighting is fucking gorgeous

hi fire kracker


your stuff is cool

i’m partial to that second one but i like all of them

I like them… It’s the good kind of generic


I was staring at this for a while

Your avatar scares the hell out of me. :<

Me too but it’s like I have to watch it :saddowns:

Me too, actually.