A Nightmare for Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter fighting Nightmare from Soulcalibur IV.




C&C I guess. I used a zoom tutorial, and other editing stuff. I think I could have done better, though.

Doesn’t look like they’re fighting, really. She is sitting on his blade (future euphemism for sex?)

Anime ragdolls suck arse, don’t use them.

I really like Black Rock Shooter :smug:

And to the first poster, she isn’t on the blade, the blade is also see-through.

Thnx for comments.

ALSO thnx to those downloading the picture!

Doesn’t change the fact that the ragdoll looks ugly as hell.

I typically agree with that, the guy who did that ragdoll does a bunch of them that are not very appealing.

But I do not have a realistic or better BRS…