A ninja standing in a dark room looking out the window into some bright light hur hur

My edit


And superfrogs edit


And a bonus pic from me.

Forgot to add the original picture


Hah! The bonus pic made me chuckle. =)

I think that superfrogs edit looks better, a bit more interesting.

funny thing is that the shadow looks like a man who likes to dangle his penis :stuck_out_tongue:


Fucking badass. Great work, both of you.

I like both edits too, cant decide which is better.
The bonus pic was funny tho :smiley:

Where can you get the model?

Dunno , it’s not mine.

I see all these screenshots that have the best models I have ever seen, editting aside of course.

I’d be grateful is people started linking to downloads for the models the used in the screenshot, or at least have the link handy in case someone were to request it.

Well i would , but i have no premission to upload it.

Oh my God! HIS SHADOW!!

his head reminds of haku-men from Blaz Blue

Holy shit. I hope that was deliberate. Hahahahahaha!

That’s no ninja, that’s a Chinese Dragoon!

No it’s a ninja , since it has the ability to be invisible. :v:

Lol with the bonus and the shadow. Nice edits.