A No-Ragdol on death thing

im looking for a addon that makes it so npcs just disappear on death so itll reduce lag lag on the system, pretty sure theres one out there but cant find it, link appreciated

NPCs produce client-side ragdolls when they die AFAIK (correct me if I am wrong please), meaning they shouldn’t cause any lag at all.

well sometimes it seems as if they lag it up, like i throw a grenade and ragdolls fly everywhere and then its horribly laggy for as long as they havent settled on the ground

plus once i had so many bodies my game crashed from “too many vertices”

In the Q-Menu uncheck Keep Corpses in the NPC tab(on the bottom.)

That isn’t lag, that is just because you have too many client-side ragdolls.

well, i need a tool to remove them

unfortunatly corpses spawned from anything other than the npc menu seem to stay

If you download this: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=29053 you can simply check (or uncheck, one of them) “keep corpses” and set the fade time to 0.1 or something tiny like that in your Q menu and voala! The corpses will vanish before they even touch the ground.