A noble knight about to duel a black knight (or, I just saw Robin Hood knight poses time)

I was going to make another showing the knight removing all the limbs of the black knight for a nice little Monty Python reference, but then a storm blew through and I had to turn off my computer (no surge protector):




The sharpening looks a little excessive

bad dof

Yeah, tone down your post processing.

Anyways, the quality of these pictures represents that of the film I guess.

The poses look stiff, they don’t give the illusion of motion.


The sparks look nifty I guess.

But they’re wearing full body armor…

filter rape!!!

sharpen to be exact

I was just trying to go for something different, no need to panic over it.

Don’t use in-game sharpen. Use the sharpen feature in the GIMP/Photoshop, whichever you use. It looks better. Anyways, the posing could use a little work, and the face posing looks…well, it’s not your fault. The citizens’ face posing leaves a lot to be desired.

Don’t have GIMP or photoshop, I rely completely on vista’s picture editing software and in-game editing.

Well if you can’t get Photoshop get GIMP. It’s free.

Snap, I didn’t know that!


This is gonna be sweet!

i doubt swords make sparks each time they collide…