A Noir-esque homicide investigation



Very nice editing.

Like I said on steam, pretty good. I just realized the lack of shadows though, now that I see that it’s really a problem. Blood is alright, though pretty jagged in some spots which looks bad.

Overall though, nice work. It’s alright and original.

Wow that’s pretty neat

Good job.

Bloo pretty much covered everything wrong.

And I’m not gonna lie, the ribcage bit is pretty cool.

there’s nothing “noire” about the picture, but everything else seems correct.

Skeleton is upside down.

Nice pic, though.

"It appears his entire skeleton was literally turned around.


i thought it was just the weed talking

but i thought it was about a guy who like got his skin cut off down the front of him and put on backwards or some shit

A cool concept if you ask me. Nice work.

Noir is all about the lighting and the camera angles, man.

I am disappoint.

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Neat idea though

Is it a model? If yes - do want!

the skeleton is waaaaay off yo


his bones do not even line up with body parts EG:both shoulders and spine and everything :colbert:


It got released by DTmech a long time ago.

Thank you dear sir.

Original idea:smile:

looks like a combination of heavy rain and l.a noire :smiley: very good indeed