A nonshitty scenebuild of Zoey laying in the grass.


Happy Zera? Now the forums not shitty!

Scenebuild in question http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_buildgrass0005.jpg

And a question for who ever wants to answer, I wasn’t sure how far to the put leg that’s underneath the left leg so I did my best while looking at my legs and was wondering if this is correct posing on Zoey http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_buildgrass00061.jpg

This is not a good scenebuild, it lacks of depth. You can clearly tell you stopped working after spawning some bushes. You could’ve at least added some trees. It’s very boring and you’ve done the exact idea 3 times now.

Zerax not happy.

Thread title does not deliver.

Scenebuild looks lazy and incomplete.
The grass gets in the way of everything - you ignored my comment in the previous thread.
Zoey looks high. Again.

Too many fucking pictures of Zoey lying in the grass already, damnit.

Fine. I’ll go make a foresty one.


Roger that and Zoey is higher then an astronaut.

Edit: Ok…added a river which I’ve never tried before. Made a forest, and added a stone man.

I like grass :3:


The rocks have moss.

The flowers look really big for some reason.

Why is there grass growing out of rocks?

The flowers are from a different game, but I use them to add a pop of color.

Also, the stone man doesn’t make any sense in the picture. I am disappoint.



He does if you think about it.