a noobs first impression.

hi I am new to the whole rust game thing , but love all sorts of video games.
that being said I would love to give some feedback (yes i am aware how early in development the game is)

1 it would probably be a good idea to have a 3rd much more common mine-able rock that just gives sulfur and stone , contrary too what other say , it is not a good idea to make the iron ore bearing rocks more common , once a player has a good selection of blue prints , it is already too easy to get kitted out with a gun and go around trolling people. that being said stone constitutes an incredibly valuable starter resource that at the same time is an incredibly not valuable end game resource , basically noobs need it like a bad addiction , and seasoned players need it like a bad cold on date night.

what happens is the seasoned peeps face roll the noobs (or under equipped) to get to the metal ore when they really don’t give a toss about the stone. this makes the early game shockingly painful. a third stone focused rock that is more common would fix this quite neatly.

2 metal doors are prohibitively expensive to noobs or wood doors are almost comically ineffective against anyone with a hatchet
metal doors cost 200 metal scraps , a pittance again to some one with alot of time on their hands. starting out and not having one basically means you need to carry everything or lose everything because a wooden door is about as effect at stopping raids as a wet napkin is at picking up dog feces, a group of hatchet hooligans can completely clean out a valley of houses in under 30 min which kind of makes houses almost pointless ( in practice it is actually much more efficient to high in the mountains out in the open air rather than live in a shack.

hell ive done his many times, ill put a supply box + a sleeping bag in a bush or rock crevice and not have any trouble for hours. the three times i built a house … my crap was gone in under an hour every time.

3 It might be a good idea to expand the stone tier to include buildings other than the furnace , like stone walls … or even hybrid stone wood dwellings. something better than a shack while still lacking the space that a full wooden fortification would have.
something that can stop a hatchet while still technically being a starter dwelling , would be a huge help.

4 it would be nice if supply drops dropped in more than one spot every time and with different valued stuff. generally speaking when a supply drop happens , anyone going to it will get immediately face rolled by a group of bandits … guaranteed 100% of the time.

I am fine with the bandits getting the good stuff , but would be nice for the planes to drop smaller packages that wouldn’t be worth the time of said bandits

that is all i can think of for now

But that’s what’s fun about it. Kinda like in the Hunger Games. You can either sprint in and get gunned down, or play it slower/ more tactical and be the shooter.
If there wasn’t a challenge to get the crates what would be the point? It’d be too easy. Considering it’s a survival game it has to be kept hard because with surviving comes desperation. So, yeah.

A new players first impression would include impatience and the QQ THIS GAME ISNT HOLDING MY HAND

rl doesnt do that so why would a survival game

its only fun if there is a chance of getting good loot, that chance is 0 because of bandits. there is no dilemma of risk death to get loot or play it safe

there is either play it safe … or die …no middle ground. i don’t even notice planes overhead anymore , its a waste mechanic for me.

also im not saying the good loot should be easy , i am saying that extra crap loot would be nice so that noobs have something to fight over

You have to realize as well that those bandits didn’t get geared up by going out naked to air drops and looting everything expecting to be scot free. They went through the same exact growing pains as you are experiencing right now. I remember in dutch auction days the amount of complaining about the game was too harsh was slim to none. Now all I see is a bunch of QQ threads about how new players can’t progress in the game when somehow magically others did.

If you are naked/shit equipped, please don’t expect to put up a fight at air drops. You are better off just resourcing at this time because now you have a better chance of being safe since everyone is going towards the plane drops. Also, THIS IS NOT A SINGLE PLAYER GAME!!! Unless you have a team of 3-4 people with atleast some mp5s/shotguns wood barricades and medkits I also wouldn’t expect you to win a supply crate war. Being ignorant and the game being too hard are polar opposite views.

80% of these QQ threads have simply been from pure ignorance of newer players rather than actual things that need to be fixed. Before you even think of gracing yourself on airdrops you need to learn how to survive for more than a few hours to a day. Even if you did get the drops, the chances of you utilizing those drops properly are slim to none as well.

you did not just call this a qq thread. how dare you sir! i was merely point out that the air drops as a mechanic is ultimately wasting its potential. as it is right now it is far too easy to monopolize. nothing more … nothing less.

i am perfectly aware that to contest anything in this game you need to be armed to the teeth.

It’s only as easy to monopolize as other players on the server allow it. If there is only a group of consistent and hardworking players going for it then by all means they deserve it. They can only control who gets it if nobody else puts up a decent gunfight for it.

The potential is fine where it is, it has a hunger games element too it and the strongest/wittiest group shall prevail. Its not their fault nobody is good enough to stop them.

Indeed. I don’t know why anyone even bothers.

sorry guy you just sound like your bad at placing your home in easy to find spots, second group up with people ASAP get a friend ffs, solo is hell by comparison

get the hell away from the resource fields, you know how many homes ive raided about 6 today, why becuase people put them in sight of resources, i went out looking to harvest, but when i find shacks in the open full of items and usually someone sleeping who only have a wooden door it boggles the mind

by morning the second day you should have a furnace and be working on metal, craft, smelt and cook at night (but ffs make sure your lit up shack is not easy to see)

i went out looking to harvest and basically saw a buffet on display, new players need to get smart about their placement and what they are doing.

its at the point where im going to start going out with metal doors to leave in the storage boxes i loot, after axeing down their wooden one.

the descriptions of the items in the craftingmenu is a very simple way to address this but people seriously need to read the wiki or ask questions

until you can fortify a home its sometimes best to keep it on your person and just run like hell if you see other players lol, putting it in a good hidden spot is probably the most important thing you can do

I get where you’re coming from, this game is definitely geared against new players… but it’s certainly not as difficult as it seems.
1: You really only need stones for the furnace and workbench… Arrows, I guess, too. Once you get a 9mm crafted (which should happen on your 2nd day or so) you’ll almost never need stones again. If you’re trying to use the homemade shells, just stop yourself there. What’s the point in making ammo that can only be used for 1 gun? Make the 9mm ammo and you can use it even when you’re a fully armed pro.
2: Metal doors are not that expensive… I don’t know what you’re using all of your metal on, but you should have plenty to make a metal door with your first batch of metal ore you throw into the furnace. Especially with the ammo nerf, now that sulfur is the big thing, metal should be easily stockpiled.
3: stone buildings… maybe. I don’t have much of an opinion on this, really.
4: The supply drops are supposed to be dangerous. They often have a lot of great stuff in them, if they were easy to get to then everyone would have crates and crates of ammo and c4 and the game would just be a waste of effort.
Just my thoughts. Keep trying at it, things get much easier as time goes on. I dunno what server you’re on, but maybe try a less populated one. The ones with less people tend to be friendlier and you wont get your head blown off every time you step into Radtown.

that is the problem , in the beginning and i do mean the very beginning , you need NEED stone , but once you dont … you dont … which is rather perplexing there really is no use for stone once you get set up which is tragic
to clarify on the supply drops , i am not talking about the current supply drops , i am talking about adding lower tier supply drops that will have basic necessities that are not worth the time of bandits

You literally need like… 30-40 stone tops. That’s what, like 10 rocks worth? This can be done in (less than) 10 minutes immediately after spawning.
As far as more supply drops goes… I seriously doubt “lower tier” would be something to keep bandits away. Especially since some of the “lower tier” stuff is still extremely valuable, like sulfur or even wood.

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With “necessities” dropping from supply crates it takes all of the survival out of being a new bambi. Rather than gathering and building a shelter, naked players will run around aimlessly waiting for the next supply drop. Doesn’t sound like much fun for them, DOES sound like a lot of fun for a bandit with an M4 lol.

1 10 rocks in a populated server can take 10 minutes or an hour.

2 noobs can go for the necessities … and kill each other over them … so i dont see the issue im replacing guys with m4s with guys with hatchets … more visceral more entertaining

stones are used for shotgun shells. Stockpile stone for shotgun fun…