A noobs guide to survival (New Version)

I’m not an expert by any means but I do know a thing or two about surviving.

This is a noobs guide and is meant for noobs, if you’re a vet then I ask that if you feel something is off to correct me and I’ll edit the post

I highly recommend you read this whole guide before starting then reading it again as you do it.***

Day 1
You want to spend 95% of this day gathering rocks and wood, mostly rocks. (Do not get wood from trees, only log piles. It takes to long to get it from trees and wastes to much hunger) You also want to kill two pigs or three small animals (chicken and rabbit) Try not to walk into rads, there are normally zombies, players, and hostile animals. What you want to build first is a stone hatchet, shelter, door, and hunting bow. Those are listed in order of importance. The hunting bow will primarily be used for hunting animals, not players. (Unless you’re a badass then by all means take out some bandits with a bow) If you’re not a badass with the bow then start by learning how it works by practicing on animals like dear, pigs, and chicken. This task normally bleeds into day 2.

Day 2
You want to use the bow you made and gather food, your primary targets are still dear and pig until you have a feel with the bow then start going for wolfs, bears, and zombies. (Wolves take two shots, bears take four shots, and red and normal zombies take 1 arrow black zombies take 1-4) Keep gathering rocks until you’ve got enough for a furnace, while also gathering wood. (Do not be quick to use all your stones on arrows, you need a furnace) Food, rocks, wood in order of importance. If you’ve found enough rocks make a furnace and start cooking metal fragments and sulfur. (On pvp servers make sure to only cook during the day or in a VERY secluded area, if you’re in a pve server night time is perfect.) This task may bleed into day 3. If you have a lot of cloth from killing animals all day start making yourself a bed primarily then some clothes. (preferably vest and pants to keep you from getting cold)

Day 3
With the metal fragments that you’ve made and the wood that you’ve been storing you can now make a hatchet. This gathers 10 wood per hit on a wood pile. Today you start making the foundations of your base. If you had enough metal fragments for a 9mm then go ahead and make one, use the rest of your fragments for bullets (9mm bullets are made from gunpowder and metal fragments; gunpowder is made from sulfur and charcoal) Use this gun only for emergencies like other players, bears, or wolves in packs. (Players take four hits unarmored, bears take eight hits, wolves take four hits) Wood, cloth, stone in order of importance.

Day 4 - Infinity
Do what you think needs to be done now. Think you need a better gun? Try going to the town with your trusty 9mm and try and find some blueprints. Kill zombies all the time and see if you get a research kit. Finish your base. It’s not about survival anymore, it’s about living how you want to live. Go and save people, go and kill those people who needs saving. Who cares? (Probably the guys you killed) By this time you should be ready to make it out in the scary world of Rust and maybe even stand a chance.

Additional information

Research kits: This will be your best friend. They can be used over and over without losing them and are used to learn how to craft things without a blueprint (So long as you’ve got the item you’d like to learn to make) I HIGHLY recommend you use one of your paper to research paper so you’ll never run out of paper to research with.

Hunting bows: These are going to be your primary weapon until you find and/or make an assault rifle. By that point your primary weapon will be the 9mm, while only using the assault rifle for emergencies.

To lost animals: Ran into a horde of zombies, a pack of wolves, a flock of bears? (Yes a flock, because fuck you that’s why) Well losing them might be tricky, bears you can just run for a minute and they’ll loose interested. Zombies and wolves however, are harder. The best way I’ve found is to try to get them stuck on objects in the game and get your happy ass out of there before they can get unstuck, thus, loosing interest.
Pickaxe:** I’ve found this more effective than the metal hatchet at everything but harvesting from dead animals but others may tell you otherwise.


Q: How do I open my camp fire to cook the chicken?
A: Hold E until it says open and the rest is self explanatory.

Q: The furnace say open but when I do it just says loot!
A: You put your sulfur, metal, and some wood logs into it and you can ignite it.

Q: I put the sleeping bag down but it just says pick up. How do I use it?
A: Once you put it down you can spawn at it by clicking the “Camp Spawn” when you die.

Q: How do I put down a door?
A: Keep trying to put it in the middle of a doorway, it will eventually turn green if you keep fiddling with it.

Q: What is the best way to loot a town?
A: There really isn’t a “best” way to do it, but to keep you from dying from radiation you can wear rad suit parts and eat any type of food will bring down your rads. So grab your food and Leroy your way into there and hope no one shoots you.

This guide will not guarantee you’ll survive 100% but it will make sure you don’t die from causes that could be helped if the right repercussions were taken.***

If you have any questions I will add them to the FAQ.***

I recently remade this because Rust went live on Steam today and will have a lot of new people coming in
If this guide gets popular I’ll make a guide for veterans.

If you start out gathering stuff like a shelter, weapons, tools and clothes. its gonna be a bitch if you die.

I suggest that you start out in this order,

Stone hatchet, sleeping bag/food (getting food while killed animals for cloth), camp fire, shelter, bow, furnace, research kit/rad running, weapon, real house.

Most people I see just popping in and jumping back out

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My order when starting from scratch:
Stone hatchet, hunting bow, sleeping bag, camp fire, shelter with wooden door.

Than I go for a furnace to craft a 9mm to farm blueprints and parallel to that I try to build a small house with a metal door.

That’s a good base to go further in the game proccess.

Question: How many hits with a hatchet will take down a door?

Stone hatchet or metal hatchet?


Stone hatchet > 200
Metal hatchet = 112
Pickaxe = 56

Edit found FAQ: