A normal day in the life of Ahmed Tankha Slayhir

What makes 'im ah good wocketman?

Crouching taliban, hidden RPG.


and he’ll be home for dinner.

map was gm_bajarama. damn i love the MOH2010 rocks and cliffs.

thats 9-5 stuff for him

His eyes in the 5th panel got me. :v:

Yes, please. Delicious cheesecake bombe.


Rated 1x Funny.

Someone needs to port the rest of the rocks.
They’re so useful for scenebuilds

Oh you.

LMAO at Leap shot.

Funny shit man.

You earned yourself a medal. This music fits perfectly.

Great comic, but the last frame totally ruined it for me. 'Cause he’s still holding both rockets.

He had two more slung on his back.

I’ve been searching around for a while, I may be stupid but I can’t seem to find the rocks and cliff models. If they aren’t part of the map, could you please give me a link? :3:

Good comic, by the way.