A normal work day at Alpha Station


Plus with some back-blur:
C&C, please c:

As I said, it looks great, the only thing I don’t understand is the Strider-styled Hunter behind them.

Posing is solid, it could use some shadowing and some more lights to spiff it up a bit, if you know what I mean.

I used it as a Elcor (Mass Effect alien) style alien. :v:

Wow, Kebab Shop in the background…Nice picture, man…

Nice use of the hunter.

use jpg please

*5 years later

oh really nice posing, both the blurred and normal are good pics
good job!

I always get problems when using JPEG when saving edited pictures, like artifacts and such.
Thanks for the comment tho :slight_smile:

Nice picture. I still would like to see some finger posing. Those little random details adds the extra I feel.

I like it. Has a good sci-fi feel to it.

Quite good.

Thanks for the comments, guys. c:
@Rastifan: There is fingerposing. :v:

I know, but Pic is quite good so I have to find something to nit pick on:keke:

Hehe, ok then. c:
Expect more poses like this from me!

Posing is pretty cool, dunno but I feel its too sharp, at least the alien model on the front.

wats wrong with his head

It is wooden.

Something needs to be done.


This edit took talent! :downs:

What map is that? Also I like the pic but…it just seems sharp to me… Like his body isn’t smooth.