A note on the rust economy..

Rust works kind of like the great depression… The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. The rich have the assets to keep the poor from getting their money, they control most of the money themselves. In rust, money is resources. And I think it’s fair to say that the top 1% always hold more resources than the rest of the server combined. So these people have infinite access to everything they may need to keep other players from advancing… With some updates we see something new, something more powerful than anything before it… Something nobody ever gets except the top clan with the 200,000 foundation compound. Like the LMG for example, you always see [Clan Name Here] before the name of your murderer. So newly added is the Flamethrower, imminent doom to your freshly built wood base. Wood was formerly a reliable upgrade to keep your stuff safe while you look for rocks 800 miles away from anything useful to you. We all know that there will be no rocks near anything useful because everyone has taken them. Point being we keep seeing things added for the privileged in game that make it easier for them to keep the new people from progressing. You keep adding things that destroy bases easier, then adding more protection that is more expensive than before to prevent that from fucking your base. So basically the rich are getting better tools to screw you with and better defenses to keep from getting raided. It’s a classic example of how the rich are getting richer, and the poor are staying, well, poor.

Basicly youre complaining about that groups have more ressources to play with then solo players, But hey thats not rust´s issue thats how real life works basicly.

The hidden stash definitely didn’t help new people from progressing…

Can’t say I agree…Of course groups are always going to be more powerful and regardless of what you add to the game they will probably be able to get it first, that’s just the way it is. In my experience most clans don’t really go out raiding tiny bases because they are not worth it. Yeah a clan of 15 people might have enough C4 to make your small base totally vanish, but usually they’d much rather use it on attacking that other 15 person clan that lives down some other part of the map.

A small stone shack is not hard to build even if it’s just a 1x2 or something for you to store your stuff while you collect more, and if there’s a huge clan that dominate a particular monument you can move to another part of the map, that’s the beauty of having lots of monuments spread around.

tl;dr Most issues like this people have in Rust can be fixed by changing your style of play rather than expecting the game to force it to change.

yeah and thats it, if you dont want to get raided stay away from monuments which are being camped from bigger clans.

Im playing in a bigger clan most likely we raid our annoying neighbours first and then we raid everything around our monument, then we start looking for other clans.

I agree that the flamethrower has definitely tipped things in raider’s favor… raiders will happily burn down a 1x2/2x2 shack for the small cost of some LGF. That could be your sum total of work for your first two days in Rust.

You can solo in Rust, but you need to manage your expectations. The game is geared toward cooperative play.

Did you play for half an hour, and quote that has two days of gameplay?