A Pack of requests (adding on atm)

I’ve been requesting too much at the moment so I thought I’d make just one huge thread for all my requests, when this get’s old, I’ll just make a new one with newer requests. For now, I have one request, but I WILL be adding onto this whenever I request something.

Here are my current requests:

Vehicle Effect 1 - Fastttttttttttt- (yay its not MW2)
Like in several games, whenever you’re in a vehicle, and you go really fast, your screen blurs a bit and focuses on the car. So I decided that it would be cool if you decide to use boost on a vehicle in gmod (jeep; jalopy; etc.) (whenever you hit the sprint button, the vehicle goes faster) the screen blurs a bit, but focuses on the vehicle, so whenever I hit boost on the jeep, the road and grass and everything outside would blur a bit, and the car itself, (the steering wheel, and seat, etc.) would not be blurred, to give a visual effect of you going really fast. Just a suggestion, I think I’ve seen it in GTA:SA, and I thought it was pretty cool.

There is a command you can do, I think it is mat_motionblur_forward_enabled. Set that to 1 and when you go fast enough, it shall blur! :3:

Oh is that seriously true? Never even knew it existed, took me a while to find sv_defaultdeployspeed when I wanted it so badly.

Thanks anyways man.