A pack of thematic guns

I like retro-futurism,i like fallout and games kinda that.
I like retro-futuristic guns!
but there are not so many of them in G-mod.
so here is the list.

1.the YK32 Pulse Pistol from fallout 2.
has 5 bullets,shoots with a laser projective,that deals 25 damage.
bullets look like red-coloured bugbaits from hl2 with a red-pink trail.
2.magneto-lazer pistol wattz 1000.
model from f2,12 bullets,the red laser beam(like rope) as a shooting effect.
this is a weapon,based on plasma-bullets.
heavy bullets are launched by a pistol,that explode in 0.1 second and turn into bugbait-like blue plasma ball.
10 bullets,50 damage per one bullet+a chanse of igniting for a hitted target(50%),reload time-1 second.
looks like 14mm pistol from F2.

if you need more info about the guns,and want to make them-PM me.