A pair of Outcast guys standing over a corpse

Inspired by a pose of Bodenlan’s:


No cropping: http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/1769/dmoverwatch0001.jpg
Original: http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/8850/dmoverwatch0000.jpg

Please take a moment to compare the original to the edited version:

C&C I guess.

Nice, I heard those ragdolls are a bitch to pose. And nice editing, not overdone, and subtle. Overall, better than that last one.

Yeah, they are a pain in the ass to pose, but well, the outcast at the left looks very stiff.
The editing was really good tho. :slight_smile:

BTW nice posing on the corpse models!

Hm really? I thought the guy on the right looked more stiff to be honest.

Thanks for the comment though!

And you too TunnelSnake, you informative reptile you.

I like it. The editing and posing is done very well. The only thing that looks a little off is the Outcast on the left’s right hand seems like it isn’t actually on the assault rifle grip.

Woot?Thats true! nice eye man, I didnt noticed that.

Thanks :3:

Oh yeah. Well spotted. If you noticed that I’m surprised that you didn’t notice the guy on the right’s, right hand isn’t fingerposed. I forgot to do it but when I reloaded the save to fix it the other guy’s hands broke so I couldn’t be arsed after that.

Ahh, I saw that. Regardless, it still is a great pic!

Technically though, an Outcast would prefer using an AERP-9 Laser Rifle over an R-91 National Guard rifle. Also, Outcasts usually patrol the wastes in groups of three, usually accompanied by one robobrain and/or sentry bot, and they rarely venture underground. They usually patrol the plains west of downtown D.C., from Tenpenny Tower to Fort Independence, their HQ.

/nerd rant

I didn’t notice that. :argh:

Yeah… but… I… um… yeah well this isn’t “underground” is it? It’s indoors, so there! And… the other guys? They’re outside. They’re outside saying “have you heard of the Tunnel Snakes in the Vaults?” and the robo-gay will say “yes, they are all faggots”.


This looks brilliant chesty, love the editing! Though I must say that they do seem abit stiff.


In my defence, if I was wearing power armour I think I’d be stiff… that and these guys are pretty hard to pose.

So I’ve been told, why I never got around to downloading them!

Very nice. I really like your editing, like TunnelSnake said, it’s subtle enough to not seem edited, but just look like a really nice picture.

Thanks a lot, Vman. I try.

i love the composition

the negative space makes be ejaculate