A Panauan crime lord enjoys his morning coffee in his yard

I assassinated a colonel by crashing an airliner on him, and that gave me an idea.

The coffee looks like hot chocolate but whatever.



Fun fact: I recently created a map just for sunny scenebuilds and these are the first builds on that map.

Ouch ?

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Fuckin’ just cause.

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That’s a really good bunch of pictures by the way.

Hahahahahaha magnificent

Fucking lawled at the end.

Oh wait sorry you can see your fucking playermodel off in the distance IT’S RUINED!!!

I dont know what to rate!
Artistic or funny?

Haha, I did not see that coming.

I laughed. Nice work.

Hehehe. You mean that pixel there?

Oh shit you’re right.


:v: seriously though, nice pic.


This explains Just Cause 2 perfectly.

Really original, this is just what we needed!

Are you going to release that sunny scenebuild map?

I love how the guy in the background with the AK looks like he shit his pants in the third frame

Essentially how I took down every officer in that game so far (Except for the guy I hooked to the car and drove off a cliff with.)

But yeah, fuck his shit up with Boeing. Should be their slogan too “With Boeing, shit don’t stand a chance.”

A-star for this.

He did :v:

Yep, just gotta make a night version too. It’s nothing special actually, just a sunny Flatgrass with the Militia skybox and working fog.

He should order his men to cut the grass.

I didn’t expect this one coming. funny.

I’m guessing the house is part of the map? If so, you should release.

Pictures are really nice too :3: