A Parliament/Legislature/Government House.

I’ve found that garrysmod is entirely lacking when it comes to maps that have something that could function for a parliament of sorts. It is a shame we do not have such maps, and it would be very lovely and useful if we did. They could be suitable for both roleplay as well as comics and movies. This is sort of what I mean by a parliament map.


Is it possible for something like this to be made?

Its always possible for something like this to be made. It will just require a ton of custom content.

The last picture seems like the most likely to be seen as a map, the props are repeated a lot and the rest is simple brushwork. The lighting would be easy too.

I remember dustils ported a bunch of Postal 3 maps, and one of them seems like something close enough to what you’re looking for. The map’s called sbe_d.bsp, I believe.


Here’s the thread where you can find it, if you need it.


Is that Ron Jeremy?

Yup, Postal III man

It looks like it’s the closest thing we have at the moment, though the link is dead and the map is a little…silly. Still,thanks for the find.

We got TTT_Whitehouse don’t we?