A particular gmod tool

Hello, I have looked all over garrysmod.org as well as google for this one tool.

I forget what it is called, however I can describe what it does.
It has a tool which allows you to select and deselect NPCs, the second tool with it allows you to make waypoints that the NPC will follow when you click the right mouse button.

I remember downloading it off of garrysmod.org, but it seems to not be there.


it’s a tool called NPC gun made by Benjy355 if Im right?

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if you wanna contact him go to benjy355@gmail.com

I hope this aint considered a bump. I’m new here

Thanks for the help, I figured out the name was called NPC Control 2, not NPC Control V2, which is something completely different.

I will try the email to see if it works. Thanks again!