'A Parting Gift'

My first Tf2 pose, Damn them face poses you get are hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully everybody see’s it!


Criticism/Compliments Appreciated!

Nice posing, you seem to be pretty good at faceposing.

I liked it, rated paint.

You really should have used the sticky bomb.

The faceposing on the heavy is lulzy, and you got some clipping on the Demoman’s arm.

The Heavy’s stance is a bit weird, try acting out the pose before you pose the characters to see how they would stand (Karimatrix reminds me of this daily.)

I love the Idea, but the posing could be better. Keep practicing.

This gift is full of spies.

I was gonna say sticky bombs, but spies are good too.

Well it’s been done before… (by me :rolleye:)
But it’s pretty nice

Oh, Didint know it was done before. Well i had fun posing it so :stuck_out_tongue: Got a wee giggle oot of it.

Thanks btw guys!