A Peaceful Walk in the Beautiful Countryside


the ao on the tracks have failed me
Full 4k here - https://tbonemeister.deviantart.com/art/Walk-in-the-countryside-700817409

more dieselpunkkkkkkk

now in VIDEO form if the render didnt fuck up i could have looped it but i didnt get enough of it :frowning:

what the fuck is that tank

The base tank is a B1-Bis, Tbone added some more turrets and made it bigger for the dieselpunk look.

I got back into the big many turret battle tank after finding your old super soviet tank

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This too

Cool pic, birds are a good addition - although everything is too clean imo

lighting on the character is really flat and much brighter than everything else around and the contrast loses some details.

however i do like the animated bit with just the tank. looks nice