A perfect example of Admin Abuse - Server Warning/Story

Hello there to whomever is reading, this is a warning to everyone to avoid this server.

This is the server IP:

Now to go into some backstory, me and some of my friends (5 of us including me) set up on this particular server after a period of two weeks absence. Before our little break we were notorious bandits and the Admins didn’t appreciate that fact. When we resumed playing our wooden base had decayed so we were left with nothing apart from the items that we had on our backs.

We played all day, collecting supply drops and killing whoever posed a threat. We raided quite a lot of big well made bases , many of which contained metal building materials. To prevent raids we decided to run out of the map above Hacker Valley and beyond the large mountain visible from the map. It was a 15 minute run from the edge of the map. This was also hidden in a valley. Now this as you can see is a very far distance for any person to search for bases, we then logged off for the night and resumed playing the next day in which we raided and killed most of the remaining people with decent bases. Bare in mind that most of these bases were cconstructed very poorly along edges of roads, for example a 8 story tower next to the warehouse. After heading off to our bases the Admin tp’d behind me stating that it isn’t nice to raid people while their online and that it wasn’t fair. I proceeded to explain that using his logic it’s fine to raid while the victim is a sleeper but not okay to raid while someone is online, the Admin then dissapeared without a retort. I then found out that he had immediately tp’d away to his ‘squads’ base and killed one of my buddies. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal what I need to stress is that he teleported away to kill people, he has done this quite a few times also against various others on the server. Now to explain his ‘Squad’, basically anyone who donates to his server or posts advertisements get perks such as supply drop markers. He also gave behind the scenes help such as telling his ‘squad mates’ where people were.

One of the worst thing that this ‘Admin’ does is also use a damage hack of some-sort and Godmode, I do not know if admins have these tools so forgive me if I am wrong but the fact remains that he uses these; e.g he killed a full health, full kevlar person with an M4 from around 200 meters away with one hit to the hand, now I know for a fact that is impossible. But I digress, back to the story. After that case of sever faggotry by the admin me and one other of my squad mates came on late at night while he and his ‘squad’ were offline, we proceeded to destroy several walls with C4, build a siege tower and kill 4 sleepers in total. Our original plan was to place pillars in the blown walls but as the Admin stated beforehand that if we had done that again he would ban us all for griefing/trolling. Now while I can see why it could be considered that I prefer to refer to it as strategic area of denial, we thought we would be fair this time and hold back on this apparent method of ‘trolling’. Now to today, after another day of minor raiding and the Admin raging at us for raiding his squads base along with hackusations by the Admin. He accused us of duplicating. So the Admin tp’d to our base and used his Magic Hatchet to destroy multiple walls to check all of our loot, after finding nothing suspicious in his own words. He then proceeded to taunt us with a server wipe unless we donated or spread posts advertising his server. Of course we refused and continued playing. After he unsuccessfully hosting a vote for the wipe, which was an overwhelming, “NO”, by the players he stated that he was going to destroy some abandoned bases.

During our time playing today, we returned to find our Metal base destroyed, with a total of 20 metal walls destroyed and 10 metal doors, after only a day and a half of decay. As you are aware it’s around 4 C4 charges to destroy a metal wall without decay. A fun fact about this so called decay is that the Admin stated that he turned off decay four days prior. Now the person(s) responsible for this apparent ‘raid’ were raided by us the very same morning. We killed them in their sleep and we took absolutely everything they had. The admin stated that these individuals had called in supply drops all day to get C4, due to us playing nearly all day we witnessed very few drops, the majority of which were ours. Now it’s highly unlikely that these people managed to get enough C4 to destroy 20 metal walls and 10 metal doors within a period of 5-2 hours, unless of course the Admin had something to do with it, which he did. He stated they were donators.
Now all of these factors combined come to only one conclusion, that the admin had given these individuals enough C4 and teleported them to our base to get revenge as he was the only person who had any knowledge of our base. When we arrived back and confronted the Admin about this he started to act extremely cocky and proceeded to spawn a metal wall to show us how many C4 it takes to destroy one. He destroyed it in 4 charges. Now bear in mind that decay was apparently off, our walls were in the exact same condition. He proceeded to tell us that it would take very few to destroy our walls as they are decayed. He then stood still for about a minute and didn’t respond at all to communication before then placing a C4 charge on our walls and destroying it in one charge. What he didn’t realise is that his explosive charge also destroyed our metal pillar, which to my knowledge are indestructible. He stated this was due to decay but as I inquired how this was possible as decay was apparently turned off he shot me in the face and banned me. My friends opened fire and couldn’t kill him due to God-Mode. He then proceeded to ban each of my friends one by one.

Now this was absolutely disgusting to me and my accomplices. An admin should protect and serve their individual player bases, not to troll and grief. While I will let you form your own conclusions on these events I will say this, the Admin is a liar, cheater and worst of all high on his own power. But what is to be expected from an Admin that is around 12-14 years old, not that I have anything against younger admins.

Thank you for reading this story/rant/warning about this server. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or any in-perfections within.