A personal model request

Hello everyone! I want to ask that is anyone can make a model for me? I don’t now how to do headhacks and that sort of things… I want to make or get 3 custom models. Dante’s head from Devil May Cry 4 with the Blacklight retribution heavy soldier body.


the other two also will be Dante’s head, but one with Commander Shepard’s hoodie, and a simple tactical soldier body.
If anyone can make these for me or just simply tell me how to do this I will be glad.

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here’s a link to the blacklight body’s picture, I wasn’t able to add a normal picture to the post

(sorry I had to change a few detals in the post)

And I’m looking for someone who will make male and female Hawke from Dragon Age 2 for Gmod in all the three type of their champion armor. (with facepose, fingerpose, flexible bones and everything else)

(I’ll add a link of a picture of the models because I don’t know how to add pictures to my reply)


hawke pic

and the blr pic [t]http://orig13.deviantart.net/37df/f/2013/043/b/6/blacklight_retribution__grendel_by_lukedodge-d5upu1q.jpg

use the [ t] [/t ] tags or the [img ] [/img ] tags (without the spaces ofcourse) to add pictures

thanks luminal