A personal model request

Hi, I’d like a personal model done. I’m looking for either male_07 or male_09’s head with this hair style, or similar


with the guages shown in the picture, these skinny jeans

and a sort of pseudo western/steampunk jacket like this


also if possible, I’d like a seperate head bodygroup with goggles like this

Thanks :haw:


found a better hairstyle for anyone who thinks they’re good enough to dpull it off.


if not, then just go with the original.

Well I’ll tell you what: I deeply dislike the emo look and mutilating your ears to resemble some african witch doctor and those skinny pants, but I love that third picture and those goggles are very nice. I might make something similar to that man but without the mechanical arm because it’s too complex to model by sight- I would need some detailed blueprints for that. And I’ll make those goggles too.

ok sounds great. and I mean to say without the mechanical arm anyways. I don’t really want to be part train-bot. although, can you make the goggles in multiple bodygroups so I can have them on, around the neck or on the forehead and off? If not, a sepatrate model would be good too. Thanks a billion :buddy:

Just adding a little content. If possible, another bodygroup or separate model for a hat like this.



bitches broke mah automerge!!! :argh:


Just thought these would be cool too if anyone wants to do them.





Ahahahahhahahhahaha. What the hell did you do to yourself? Anyways I like the Steampunk idea. I can’t make something that complicated though.

to myself? None of these pictures are of me :v:

Nobody is ever going to do this, and I don’t need to tell you why.

oh, I know. I just got overexcited when fremen said he’d make me a perskin. I should probably let this thread die, and just get him to send me a pm when he’s done.