A Personal Skin

I wish someone could make me an personal skin.
In base of Male_9.

I want Wearing:

An Orange Hoodie


White Jeans


And Orange Shoes.


Thats it.

I will thank everyone who takes part and giving me my own personal skin/ragdoll.

You’ll have to hex it on your own, I’m not feeling up to it tonight.


Thats not male 9 but still, im downloading it.


Its not im looking for,
and as still its not hexed,
and i wanted the flag turned around like this:


And not it taking whole back.

Shit I forgot that the bald guy isn’t male_09, that was my bad. However if you wanted the flag facing that way you should have said that.
Also; you don’t need to hex it unless you have Dean’s hoodie citizen installed.

Here’s a tutorial on how to skin, fix the flag yourself.

Sigh, i dont want to bother download some useless tools for editing a skin that is in wrong base.

Anyone else want to try?

I’ll see if I can do it a little better.

Would you rather have the hoodie up or down.

Down, Please.


And dont put the finland flag in back.


The one without the flag is default but I put in the Instructions.txt on how to use the one with it in case you want it.

Yay! Thats more like it!


I found a easter egg in ur file :smiley:

Info : Useless file etc.


Im posting this from Gmod, I cant fidn the ragdollized or player.
Can u give it a fix and make it a own spawnmenu section?

It’ll be in the browse menu

I found it.

Awsome skin !