A pet that you can raise indoors until its ready to protect your base?

I had a dream about Rust, where there were puppy Ferrel dogs you could find in the map wondering around. But they were very rare to find. You needed to raise them by feeding them and keeping them warm for about 2 1/2 real days. During this ‘raising up’ period they could be killed, but once they became adult ferrel dogs they were ready to be put outside your base and bark when a stranger’s in your base’s vicinity.

You could raise your pet to be different personality’s. Attack Dog, Barking ‘alarm’ kind of dog, or both (which took more time). And on modded server you could type in command /Dog Friendly <name> and the dog would not attack your team mates. Once the ferrel dog turns to an adult, it becomes very hard to kill. (The equivalent of using 3 c4’s) The ferrel dogs were kinda mutant, and once adults they could only be killed with special poison. (Which you needed two separate blueprints for, which you then had to farm for the ingredients) You could also craft spiked metal armor for the dogs which did more damage to intruders. The dogs looked kinda strange because they had bene infected with radiation, but they were adorable and deadly none the less.

It was a lovely dream.

That’s actually a very nice idea. I dont think a ferrel dog would suit Rust atmosphere though. I can imagine a trained wolf though.

I think animal taming /training should be a feature of the AI.
Gain an animal’s trust, then use an assisted learning algorithm to allow players to “train” them.

Definitely would be cool, have them protect your house when you’re logged out, and have them follow you around acting hostile to all other players unless you specify which ones are friendly.

I have mixed feelings about a training/raising pet mechanic, but I guess it would depend on how it was implemented.

Also, just because it’s bothering me: “feral”.
Also also, once a feral dog is trained it is no longer feral because it is no longer “free-range”, so to speak.

Wait. It would take 3 C4 to kill a dog?! That’s wayyyy too much, dog’s aren’t that sturdy. I think 1 C4 would be more than enough to do the trick.

It’s a pretty nice idea, maybe there could be a bird for “spying” too. But I think it would be necessary to make a limited amount of animals. Think about a little group with a fortress-like house and they train huge amounts of those dogs/wolf’s. They would make an army out of them and then there wouldn’t be any fun left for other players.

Birds for spying doesn’t really make sense, how is a bird supposed to tell you what it saw?

Ive always thought you should be able to tame npc animals. Like, why cant I trap a bunny and make a little bunny house?

Having tamed anything have higher defense/take more hits than its natural, “feral” version doesn’t make sense and would go against the vision of the game as you’d feel “safe” with your army of guard wolves that take multiple C4 to kill. I also assume you’d have to provide food and such for a pet. For some people having enough food for themselves is a challenge as is. And those people would be the first to tame something, then complain how they can’t keep it and themselves fed.

I will admit that being able to raise rabbits, deer and chickens as livestock would be a nice idea. They can’t fight and need protection, but in the long run provide resources by making offspring at an accelerated(for the games sake) rate.

Yeah, it all sounds peachy mate, but only-killed-by-poison-dogs? That’s just weird IMO. It would die of a proper M4 hosing and you would have to find and train another one of those wankers, that’s more like Rust.

That is why I suggest being a feature of the AI. Its a fear/trust thing.
Gain the trust from a wolf and it won’t attack.
Supply a source of food, and it will follow you.
When it lunges at another player praise it and it will learn.

But if you stop feeding it, it no longer trusts you.

That would open up some cool avenues too, because if someone wanted they could also tame your pets.

I really dislike the idea of a tamed animal gaining superpowers.

Pets in house barking… good idea. A low-tech variant on alarms. Prone to trolling, obviously, but so is any alarm or trap system. As long as the bark/howl radius is no more than 2 or 3 times the current wolf growl radius. No Beastmaster telepathy.

Pets as combat aids? Only useful if animals in Rust become significantly faster and more dangerous.

Limit it to one animal per player. Would be interesting as well as it could give away how many people live in a base. See three dogs outside, and you know three people live there. See one, know you’ll have an easier time.

I actually hope they don’t implement this thinking about it, as I always play solo so it would just mark my base out as an easy target.

Just get a pet naked! That’s what they’re there for, anyway. Nakeds are there to be hunted down and killed. :yarr:

Nice. Good idea, I sometimes would build in Resource Hole or similar areas with the rad-animals and use them as guards… Funny to see the naked asses getting chased off my lawn :v: