A Phantom Pain 2


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the long dick horn though
Is that a bodygroup? I haven’t played gmod in a while so I haven’t downloaded these models

It is a bodygroup. You can have a short shrapnel or a long shrapnel.

What about the blood stained face?

it seems like it doe not have it :c

Man, that guy looks incredibly detailed. Did you apply a sharpening filter or something? Can’t spot a single jaggy and it looks like you took it with regular sdof without having to even use the poster command.

whats the poster command? also, heres how:

this is the screenshot i took:

used superdof and shit ton of lights on snake

then, on photoshop, applied two filters

First one, “Camera Raw” with these settings. (not sure if this comes out with the latest cc photoshop).
Here clarify does the trick, which without compression, draws the lines of the object darker, which i havent seen a lot of tools that do this, along with upping the vibration to add color without loony side effects, and contrasting a bit.

Then, applied “greycstoration” with these settings (this is a replacer for the oil filter that got removed from photoshop, you can look it up and install it as a noise filter pluging). Put it at litle so it does it deform the character. This thing cleans up the natural edges of the 3d model, so it doesnt look as blocky as it should.

with both settings, you should end up with something like this:

From now on, ill add the effects on SOny Vegas, which may sound dumb, but its where i do it better.

You gotta have: Magic bullet looks plugins. Magic bullet film and universe, from Red Giant.

Without filters:


  1. Magic Bullet Film adds the cinematic and selective contrast. Granted, it looks a bit greishish, but what this does is that it tries to imitate the color and black & white levels of different types of commercial cameras.


2.Knoll light factory: they both are custom lens flares that you can put and color how you like it. Both, blue and orange, in different positions give the picture an interesting color contrast.


  1. Overlight and finisher: Overlight gives the picture a secondary contrast and tone while the finisher gives it a sharping filter.


Then voila!

if you need any help dude just ask c:

That’s neat. I don’t seem to have any greyscalation or camera raw filters though. I got adobe photoshop cs2 on windows. What version do you have?

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btw, the poster 2 command allows you to take a larger, detailed pic which one can then reduce in size and yet still keep the quality. The problem being that poster 2 command does not work with sdof.

Some seriously useful shit here auto. And yeah, whilst the poster command is some serious quality shit it often fucks with sdof and in-game bloom, fog and light beams.

the oil paint looking filter looks weird.

“A Mecha to surpass Metal Gear…”