A Picture inspired from Transformers: Dark of the Moon


I couldn’t find proper Chicago background.

please excuse me for bad editing.

Where are the Transformers I only see generic Soldiers?

Because no one’s ripped Transformers models except for lilwasa (Movie Bumblebee) and Dtmech (Transformers: War For Cybertron Brawl and Optimus)

Where are the Transformers I only see generic SEALs?

Looks like Call of Duty MW3.

Yeah, I thought so when I saw that scene.

Lighting is dull as all hell.

poor composition. i keep wanting to scroll right to see what’s there but the picture is cut off. don’t cut off your subjects. keep in mind also that the human eye loves to see what other human eyes are seeing. if you’ve got a bunch of people looking off-screen in your picture then the viewer is going to want to look off-screen too. this is boring and frustrating.

So why dont you use them in a** tranformers** picture?

What’s with that low-red body?

how could you possibly rate me dumb and then post something in the most laughable broken english imaginable? this is the low-point of my life and i’m gonna jump off a bridge now. i hope you can get emails in north korea cos my mum will send you an angry one

Im pretty sure that was a typo of “Low-Res”

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He means the crappy looking body with white skin.

You know, the one that is “low-res”?

In the bottom left corner?

He’s from Vietnam, actually :v:

And I just don’t know what to say about the picture. Everything has already been spoken before

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You know, I think I caught a good idea! Since all the pictures made by ddok are as similar as twins, you can copy your post with your critisize and shit, and then paste it under every single picture he posts. And your post will still be relevant.

you people used to get jokes

bring back angry baker before i lose all hope

You took the most boring scene from transformers you could find, and re-created it only to make it look even worse? I mean… This isn’t transformers inspired at all, you weren’t inspired by the movie, not ONE bit. this is inspired by the soldiers in the water, and that’s all.

It could’ve been a cool picture if you did some insanely awesome water editing (In other words recreating the water that is in that scene.) Then it could be cool, however, what you made is:
4 soldiers walking in some crappy water. Slapped a couple dozen sharpen filters on, said “fuck off” to anything associated with blur. And you may or may not have desaturated the picture, I can’t tell. Whatever you did to the colors, it’s BAD.

Actually there is a Transformer right above the head of the closest SEAL.

The picture is alright, not exciting or anything.

I dont see anything.

Above the SEAL closest to the screen, just right of the burning red boat, it blends with the building, and is not helped by the quality, but I’m sure there is a Transformer there.

Your mind is fucking around dude.

because this is the bay transformers movies
the transformers aren’t in it, they only make guest star appearances