A pirate and his mech suited friend



That mech scares me.

What, the mech’s not intimidating is it? :cop:

Look at that thing!

It’s hand is as big as the guys chest :ohdear:

Nice shading.
The snow could use some variety, the flocks all have the same size now, I’d suggest making another snow layer behind the character layer, making it smaller and motion blurring the other way.

Who needs the gun while he has the mech suit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well theres only enough room for one in the mech :stuck_out_tongue:

wow I like the helmet looking thing

is that uneditted?

Mech makes me want to play FEAR: Reborn again.

Are the gray dots on the screen snow?

Nice camera angle and depth-of-field, but a higher-res weapon model would have been nice.

Nice,is the mecha model or an edited pic?

The only thing edited was the snow I attempted to do.

the gun looks low-poly

The gun is actually part of the model, I’ll keep that in mind for future poses with these guys.


That’s a damn big mech.

Can’t see your pic

No pic, reupload please.