A Pissed Heavy flips the Table

Heavy does not play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Lol, where’d you get the Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

pyro played the trap card, heavy refused because he only wants medic to play trap card

The way the heavy’s hands are on the table, it looks more like he’s flipping the table back to normal. His hands would be holding the table other way (fingers on the bottom, thumb on the top) if he’d be flipping the table over.

You can flip a table any way, I flip it with my deadly feet

Yes, you can, but it would look more real the way Simkas says.

Still really nice pic Caboose :smiley: I remember when I was a kido and I loved to play Yu-Gi-Oh lol

“Screw your blue eyes white dragon!”

"Who gave me these baby cards?!?"