A pissed off Pyro following a crawling Scout


I though Pyro was a woman, and therefore, could not anal ra… WAIT HOLY SHIT.

Wow, this one is pretty good. Too much shadow on the scout’s cheekbones, and his severed arm wound is too blurry. Other than that this looks nice.

A lovely christmas pose.

well, im not sure he is a woman (unless you like big women with deep voices) but im sure you cant anal rape through a fire-retardant suit.

Or can you!?

well with that axe handle,you know…

also,this debate about the pyro being a women started with the purse in his/her stash (spawning room)
this and the way he/she stands when the team lose (new fleeing animations)
and the spy saying “you fight like a women” when dominating a pyro

he may be… bi-curious

It looks really nice, except is that scout a senior citizen because he looks kinda wrinkled…

It looks like the Scout has bucked teeth.

Merry Christmas!
No seriously good picture but it doesnt fit christmas. :smug:

well,he actually does…
if you see his teeth close enough,you can notice it…

Go easy on the burning bro

too much burning, tone down on it a tad.

  1. Easter egg/joke. Valve is known for it
  2. Valve giving you spazzes what you want
  3. Not ONLY the pyro, I’m sure


Nevertheless the picture is pretty nice. The posing is a little unnatural on the Scout though, Pyro doesn’t look necessarily comfortable either.

No, its only for Pyro.
I checked it myself.


Same about demo’s and soldier’s new lines.

  1. Valve giving you spazzes what you want

creepy as shit bro