a pistol-crossbow fit for owning :)

hey i need some weapons for my rp such as these crossbow pics that i have posted. now i would like the lower sort of Victorian crossbow BUT if you dont want to the upper wud be fine. so anyway i cant find much video i will edit this thread if i find any. oh and btw i cant realy pay anyone sry i am just looking for a good Samaritan that wants to go to heaven THX :smiley:



http://www.pistol-crossbow.com/ if you search pistol crossbow on google you can find more stuff THX :]

http://www.gunsandswords.com/belgian-crossbow-pistol.html you can buy 1 here :] THXTHXTHXXXXXXX

Interesting, isn’t atleast something that shoots bullets or explosions. Id wanna see this made if its made good :>

i think it would be perfect actuly thow its not for rp its for a mod im working to called 1756 i got maps and i need this websites help remember im just a 20 year old orphan so ANY help is needed thx xoxoxooxoxox lol