A pistol with "burst" fire like HL2

In Half Life 2 (but not ep1/2) with the pistol, if you held down the secondary fire and primary fire, you could charge the pistol to fire all the shots at once.

Unfortuantly it was unintentional, and removed.
This was quite cool, so could someone please remake it?


Wait a day for someone to reply, not 3 hours :P, yuo could probly make the alt fire something like a fire rate of 0.0001

I doubt he knows anything about LUA (no offense), I could TRY it, but I’ve never got my secondary fire to do anything…

I’m searching for the pistol swep so I don’t have to rewrite everything, If I find it I might take a shot at it

appears that there’s no lua swep version of it :frowning:


I’m currently working on it, It’s almost finished :smiley:


I finished it, guess this is what you asked:

The only thing is that you have to press right mouse, not both of them to launch the burst