A Player model :D!

Hallo o.o…

I was just thinking up to myself a player model, and I was wondering if anyone here would like to try and make it for me :D.

It’s more of a reskin than anything, buuut… I was thinking a blond haired, blue eyed guy with a faux-hawk (not sure you can even skin that in o…o…), a blue and white stripped button up shirt, and just a pair of jeans, preferably a little torn. Stripes would be vertical~

Also, some facial hair too, where it connects from the sideburns, goes down and around your chine and back to the other sideburn, as well as having a mustache. o.o…

I think the best model for this would either be Male_07 or Male_09…

Here’s a reference pic of myself o_o…


Another reference that isn’t me~


Yes that’s david beckham o_o… Couldn’t find any other pictures lol…

Thanks gais :D…

<3 Sareth.

Edit: And I just realized I sound like an idiot due to sleep deprivation. :v:


Oh~ Also, the facial hair would also be dirty/gold blond. And if someone -does- make this, and can hex it, please do xD… And name it Erik :smiley:

oh nice ideas

but seriously
erikfacemap.vtx or something i dunno

eric is male_04

I didn’t mean male_04 when I said Erik, that’s my RL name…Unless I’m just misinterpreting what you just said… :v:

Like when you go to choose your “model”, the name of this model would come up as “Erik” o.o…Or “Sareth”…whatever is cooler D:

So anybody want to give this a try or? If not that’s okay :D. I can try myself somehow xD…

Watch it somehow spontaneously combust and turn into a woman model when I try and skin it. Lold.