A plea for the return of Linux servers

I know development of the Linux server was stopped for a good reason (whatever it may be). I know no updates have been promised or forthcoming. I know the Linux server is, for all intents and purposes, off the table at this point. But I still have to ask.

I have some excellent hardware sitting idle in premium tier 3 datacenters in NJ and Chicago. E3-1230s and up with 32G each and RAID 10 SSD. I’d love to put these to work running Rust, and in fact I’ve got one of them hosting my 3 servers right now under Server 2012. But my life would be so much easier if I could just run a Linux version instead of Windows. Not just for cost (since I already have the 2012 license), but for security and ease of management.

I do IT security for a living. I know my way around Linux. It’s what I eat, sleep, and breathe. I know how to secure it, I know how to troubleshoot it, I know how to make it behave, and like a screaming toddler on methamphetamine, I have no way to use that metaphor but I wanted to include it anyway.

I can secure Server 2012. It’s not all that hard. But it’s not my primary home. I spend most of my time in the CLI. Yes, I know 2012 has SSH, but it’s not quite the same (though I have to admit, PowerShell is growing on me). Frankly, until you add a (paid) brute force / IPS and a (paid) antivirus solution and a (paid) log parser, Server 2012 is just more effort to secure and maintain than, say, CentOS. And since it’s the only Windows server I administer, there’s no economy of scale. Most of the Windows admin tools out there are built to facilitate administering a fleet of hundreds or thousands of boxes, and that’s not the case here.

If we got the Linux server back to life, I’d be grateful, and I’m sure many other server owners would be as well. My life would be easier, my servers would be faster, and I wouldn’t have to effectively speak two languages. Plus, this would open the door to many others who could rent their own dedicated servers without paying an extra 20% - 50% for Windows licensing fees.

How about it? What are the odds of the Linux server coming back – even if it’s “we’ll revisit the idea once Unity does ___” or “we’ll see once we’re out of alpha”?

The last word that I saw from garry was that it was too much trouble fixing the Linux-specific DS bugs on top of the unified/Windows-specific DS bugs and still making any sort of reliable update cycle. Basically, the server was changing too much under the hood to maintain both platform streams on top of multiple branches (main, development, etc.) on the three client platforms.

It’s not off the table forever, it just doesn’t make sense right now.

Look at the bright side man.
You are learning windows server administration, that adds a lot to your resume.
I work with both Linux and windows servers and i can tell you both have the exact same possibilities… Yes, Linux will proly use less RAM but it stops there as securing them is almost the same…
Now if we talking about anti-ddos… well, there is not much you can do either in linux or windows… not directly in your VPS… you gotta make sure you rent a proper mitigation server… and of course you know this :slight_smile: just stating it for the next guy who reads.