A plea to Garry to implement cheating solutions.

Hi Garry,

As you know, cheaters have become a ‘thing’ in this game. As a person whose been involved with competitive gaming for over 15 years now, I know how hard it can be to squash cheating. I appreciate your efforts with Cheatpunch, however, I feel this is not enough. After a very annoying discussion with a few players on my server, I have decided to come here and ask you for help.

Server admins have almost no utilities to detect cheaters. If we’re lucky - we’ll catch someone super jumping when they think noone is looking, but that is far and few between. Here is what I propose:

  1. Silent Footsteps and an invisible name while in the Invisible gear set. Essentially pure invisibility. This seems like it would be the easiest to code.

  2. A spectator mode of sorts. Quite plainly - be able to see through the eyes of the player suspected of cheating. This would assist in identifying players using no recoil and aimbots. However, this seems like it would be much more challenging to code, and I’m sure you guys have your hands full.

We need something. So, I beg you to please help us server admins who want to provide this service to our players. There are a number of admins who don’t play the game, and simply want to provide a fun, cheat free, and balanced environment for our players.


Anything that’d weed out more hackers/cheaters would be more than welcome. I’ve played Rust for about 6 or so hours and I’ve died three times in total, two of them which were pretty obviously caused by people not playing fair and square.
I do like the game but getting killed by exploiters really left a sour taste in my mouth

the game is alpha, and already has some cheat prevention implemented (cheatpunch and vac) thousands of players have already been banned.

Give it time… there’s barely even a game yet!

I actually like these suggestions. It’s also probably worth saying that if you have the invisible armor on you shouldn’t be able to kill others to prevent abuse.

I completely understand. I love this game. Had over 300 hours in the first month that I played. However, i’ve come to find that instead of relying on things like cheatpunch or vac to get the cheaters; often times players/admins can do a really good job. I feel like these solutions would be fairly easy to implement, and contribute a lot to combat the cheating community. Facepunch has even stated, that it will be able to be bypassed. Most cheat detection programs are from what the past has shown us.

as good as this sounds, what’s to say an official system that allowed this wouldn’t beget more admin abuse, legalizing cheating for them under the guise of letting them demonize other players

The spectator thing wouldn’t be too hard to code, good ideas;c

There is always the potential for admin abuse. It’s an unfortunate truth, but I prefer the greater good route.

Also your 1 line post takes up way to much room because of your avatar lol.

Im sure the anti-cheat will become more robust as time goes on. From the developers point of view they cant show their entire hand too early, gives the cheat companies more time to find loop holes and get familiar with the code. For now they are making an effort to alleviate what they can, but at this current stage in development bugs, foundation coding, and content im sure are higher on the list. Some games dont even implement their anti-cheat until after release. I believe crysis 3 did this as hackers were abundant during beta but no so much during release. Then again the player base for that game plummeted after a few months but still

cheaters worked out how cheatpunch works out, found the files to set to read only and bam cheatpunch bypassed. please Gary implement another solution for us to use.

I personally believe it’s terrible something as awesome as ESP is nothing but a hack. Something like that should be an admin tool as well as noclip. Also, dai, admin abuse is a terrible thing, but it hurts everyone if the devs hold back on implementing a more robust toolset for admins just because some would abuse it. Admin abuse won’t be an issue if people just stop complaining about it and not play on those servers.

I completely agree!

Flame bait here, but oh well…

Once again I will disagree and not support any kind of “spectator mode” or ESP for ANYONE! I do run a server, and I value my players privacy, and mine as well.

Silent footsteps, no nametag while wearing Invis suit… Sure, I can get behind that… I would also support noclip and flying for logged in admins…

Things I use as an admin:

I can remove and replace walls and check peoples inventories with Remove plugin. I don’t do this unless I’m investigating, but it is possible.

I can see who owns most structures with Vinegar plugin, it’s a little buggy at times, and I wish it would show each item individually, but oh well.

I can go invis and watch, from a distance

I can teleport to players… I tp’d to one this weekend and fell for 20 seconds immediatley… Easy ban.

We have tools now, admins have to quit being lazy and use them though, and investigate if you care at all. 16 bans, only one has been instant, the others took a little bit of investigation to make sure it was justified.

Admin abuse is bad now, you can’t argue with that… It would get worst giving admins hacks like ESP and spectator… It’s like giving a baby a crayon, and expecting him not to write on the wall.

With cheats you can see animals and resources tags at very long distance, I dont think invisible names would work.

Also think about wall hacks, they make visible objects transparent. Cheats could do like a reverse wall hack (or maybe they exist already), making invisible admins visible.

Developers have to code things the cheat developers dont notice so easily.

The second option seems better

This is an issue I have problems with in real life, especially while I was in the Navy. I don’t agree with the whole concept of punishing everyone because one or two people messed up. Yes, a handful of kids will write on the walls, but that shouldn’t be a reason to ban crayons from the entire class.

What’s the difference between teleporting to players and watching them and spectator mode? One being actually useful for seeing if their aim is natural and the other being unreliable and generally not useful to prove anything.

True enough, but nobody is getting anything taken away, people are asking for a new toy. I don’t see it “punishing” anyone for not offering a new option for abuse.

I know I’m a minority when it comes to my opinion on this subject, and I have been called every name in the book, and accused of being a cheater/hacker because of it… So be it, that’s just how I feel about it… That’s why we are here anyway, to discuss things, and as long as it stays civil, I’m willing to talk about it.

A spectate mode would be the only long term thing that would help against cheaters. Active admins would quite quickly see if something is out of order.

As for them abusing it, well just go another server then.

I disagree, I have been able to follow and watch several people and conclude they were doing something fishy… So I don’t find it “not useful” at all.

Well its close to useless to determine no recoil, you can see a guy shooting and hitting most shots. But that does not tell you if he has no recoil or simply just really good.