A Police Officer shoots a tresspasser of Goverment property


Hope you guys like it!

**Edit:**How was that bad spelling?!

What’s he doing with his right hand? And why does a cop have a Desert Eagle?

And why is he shooting an unarmed man?

He had a banana,

And Chesty, he was warning the man

“Excuse me.”


“You’re not supposed to be here sir.”

“I don’t get it. I gave him a warning! Well, admittedly I shot him first but at least I warned him!”

Wow, this is awesome. One of the best pictures I’ve seen this year, actually. I can feel the pain that these security guards feel, putting their life on this line every day, shooting trespassers without any obvious reason. I feel, you know, I really do. Great work!


My sarcasm fails, badly.

Too good that the window was removed, 'else he’d get cuts all over his body.

Posing is mostly good. Not terrible, anyways.
It’s like something my friends was telling me. He was in officer training school and they told him he was doing something wrong.
He did it BANG BANG “Stop!”
They told him he was supposed to say stop FIRST. He replied, “I got him to stop though, didn’t I?”
Needles to say, he didn’t become an officer.

The window is weird.