A Police officer with an M60 shoots some offscreen backrobbers

Dont complian if its to bright… it did it hide up some green boxes on the screenie

Why does a policeman have an M60, also you mispelled “bankrobbers”

The muzzleflash looks like doody, too. D:

Why does a cop have an M60?

Fuckin ninja’d :C

Lol y

Its better then “COP WITH 228 LOLOLOLOL”

Not really, at least that would make some sense :stuck_out_tongue:

And those are some big ass shell casings…

Actually, it looks ridiculous.

Its better then a pistol at least.

shut up it makes no sense

I dont want 2 fucking pages of complaining of the guy using an m60

Too much blood.

It looks kinda like he’s enjoying it :stuck_out_tongue:

So much GENERIC, I’ve been holding off posting this this cesspit of a forum for a while, but it’s gettig ridiculous now. All I ever see are badly filter raped screenshots of some citizen models shooting. Usually at nothing. There are many more options for a pose than just fucking shootng.

And why would a cop be shooting the robbers. Cops are not meant to kill criminals genius. And a pistol would have looked infinitely better.

^ this guy is funny.
I guess no one noticed but…
Blatant self advertising.
OMG it’s so generic
as for the cops not supposed to kill criminals
they can shoot to kill if their life is threatened.
and you what FUCK realism if I wanted realism I would get off my computer.


The casings are flying towards the camera. And another thing:



I dunno why but im always over doing my edits.

Well, apparently, your “Go for looks instead of realism” thing isn’t working here. Seriously, I really don’t think cops would be issued with M60s. Can you imagine like calling for help and a cop running into your house with a M60? As many other people said, using a pistol would have been a lot better.

they can pretty much use anything they want when they’re a BADASS
srsly cops in my state have M16s in their trunk.

Lol guess what, cops in korea have p228s, even when around the presidents office… how insurcure

an m16 is a long ways away from an m60
although you didn’t know that because you’re twelve and don’t know what anything is